Five Traits of an Effective Council Member

Council members are individuals who comprise a social group. There are different types of social groups in the modern-day society and its members are quite important as they play a vital role. They can farther be elected in the group as representatives of other posts if they gain favor in the group. Once you are a council member there are some certain expectations and traits that you are expected to have.

Here are 5 traits of an effective council member: 

1. Team player

An effective council member should be quite active in the council. This is because the group needs to achieve results and resolve issues from time to time. This can only be attainable if each council member is quite active in the group. A council member should not be dormant as their opinions and ideas are always appreciated in the group. They ought to be always active and give their views on issues and raise ideas that will help the council be as productive as possible.

2. Respectful

A council member is expected to be quite respectful to the other members and those outside the group. This is because the council is demanding respects from those it works for and respect can only be earned by respecting others. The council member thus is expected to uphold all manners of respect by words and acts to everybody. This will help them gain respect and trust from others as they are seen to be quite mature in the way they handle others.

3. Smooth talker

An effective council member ought to be quite mature, intelligent and thoughtful in the way they talk. They should be wise in what they utter and do not command issues. Rather they display a great sense of logic in what comes out of their mind and maturity. They do not force issues rather they display the thought behind what they want to resolve.

4. Uphold their oath

Council members take an oath of office once they are elected or join the council. The oath is to serve those who elected them and do it in good faith. An effective council member should always do according to what they swore allegiance to without hesitation. They are to always act in accordance to what they swore to do and do not as for a favor in order to perform their job. They should always be just and honest in their work as they are expected to be.

5. Good decision-makers

A council member should display a high degree of excellence in decision making. This is because they are always helping out the public on issues. They meet different problems, situation, and people who demand different ways to have their issues solved. An effective council member should, therefore, be of an open mind in the way they see things and the way they are able to resolve issues. This will help them give the best decisions on issues brought to them. They should not make decisions on their own personal judgment but should have an open mind to it – read article on what a great leader does.

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